IndicThreads Conference On Java Technology 2008, Pune India
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Mock Objects in Action - *Session @ Conference 2008

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Mock Objects in Action

Speaker: Paulo Caroli & Sneha Jha

Paulo Caroli is an agile coach and senior developer for ThoughtWorks. His main expertise lies in agile development and object-oriented techniques, utilizing a variety of technologies, in the e-commerce and telecommunication industry. With more than 13 years of experience in software development, Paulo has successfully performed a variety of roles, including developer, application architect, project manager, business analyst, and trainer. You can reach him at

This session provides the participants with understanding of Mock Objects need and concept, as well as with hands-on-experience of JMock, EasyMock and Mockito--java based Mock Objects frameworks. Applying Mock objects effectively is a key factor when following the Unit Testing practice (testing units of work in isolation). This session will introduce the reasoning for Mock Objects as well as the basics of the most popular Java Mock Object frameworks –JMock, EasyMock and Mockito. This session starts with a presentation, followed by a hands-on sample unit test code analysis. At the end of this 90 minutes hands-on session, the participants will get familiarity in using Mock Objects effectively. This session is intended for developers familiar with Java and JUnit and are interested in learning Mock Objects. The samples used in this session have been selected to demonstrate various functionalities and applications of Mock Object frameworks.

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11-12 Dec
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