IndicThreads Conference On Java Technology 2008, Pune India
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Diagnosing Production Java Applications - *Session @ Conference 2008

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Diagnosing Production Java Applications

Speaker: Debu Panda

Debu Panda
Debu has more than 14 years of experience in the IT industry and has published articles in several magazines and has presented at many conferences. He is a Senior Principal Product Manager of the Oracle Application Server development team. He is co -author of EJB 3.0 In Action.

Troubleshooting production Java applications is a challenging task. Most of the monitoring and diagnostics tools are inadequate in a production environment because of one or more of the following reasons: Requires code changes due to byte code instrumentation or AOP techniques Requires server restarts due to application changes Very high overhead to get enough granularity required for triaging performance problems Unable to identify and resolve memory leak issues in a production environment Provide no visibility from Java EE containers through Database In this presentation, we will presents a new approach to diagnose production applications by peeking into memory structures of the Java Virtual Machine. We will showcase this new technique and demonstrate the ability to view the state and execution context of application in the JVM with little to no overhead. You will see that this approach does not need any complex configuration or application instrumentation. You will learn to use this methodology to diagnose problems in real time on a production environment, without requiring server restart or application rewrite.

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11-12 Dec
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